How to prepared plant milk

coconut milk Due to the relatively high prices of plant milk, many people decide on their homemade production. It is much cheaper than buying this kind of milk in special stores, and at the same time this is quite simple to do it.

To prepare the plant milk at home must pour 1 cup nuts or seeds with water and leave for about 8 hours or overnight to soak. Then you have to mix and strain them with gas exploded in a sieve.

akmond and coconut milk

This way prepared milk is best kept in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container and consumed within 2-3 days as it can ferment. If you drink during storage delaminate simply mix it.

The slurry, which we have in the gas, after pressing milk, also can be used. With oat you can prepare nourishing mask on the face and neck. The almond can be used to cook biscuits or add a little milk and sugar and then prepare a vegan cheese for pancakes.

It is worth to try this kind of healthy way to improve our way of nutritious.