Is plant milk healthier then cow's milk?

plant milk tea Wegetable drinks are extolled as the perfect healthier alternative to cow's milk.

Opponents of the animal dairy products emphasize the fact that none of mammal drinks milk into adulthood besides human.

Big attention is also note to the fact that cow's milk shouldn't be use by everyone. According to the researches, plant milk consumption may be associated with the development of some diseases, know as arthritis and liver disease.

Plant milk is much different then cow's milk. The difference is not only in taste but also in many properties. Although they are often less caloric then cow's milk, we can find that they are also having usually less protein. These which we prepared at home have also less calcium and vitamin D, which are the ingredients to help prevent osteoporosis.

The stores usually can offer to us soy and rice milk. Almond or oat milk is easiest to find at health food stands. They are often enriched with some vitamins of the B group, and minerals such as calcium and iron.