Most popular plant milk

soy milk Similar as cow's milk, plant milks are suitable not only for a drink. Depending on the consistency and the aroma they can be useful also for preparing hot drinks, desserts and also for such dishes like soup as well as can be used for baking.

Soy milk, for example, unlike most of other plant milk contains relatively few calories and also quite a bit of protein. Soy milk is very good source of B vitamins which are needed to our nervous system. They should however not be considered for people prone to allergies, because soy can cause sensitization. When we decide to buy soy milk best to choose organic, prepared from plants, which are not genetically modified.

Rice milk, is least allergenic then other plant milks, because we do not find gluten in it, and it is the most digestible of all kind of plant milks. However, it is also much less valuable among them, because it contains very little protein, vitamins and minerals. Homemade rice milk usually prepare with boiled rice. Due to the relatively light texture, it is great ingredient for beverages, and also useful to preparing breakfast cereals or porridge.

Oat milk is made with oatmeal. It is very cheap, and at the same time it's very valuable beverage. It contains little protein, but it is more carbohydrates than cow's milk. It is used as the base to pudding and drinks, and to thicken foods. Due to the gluten content it is not suitable for people who are allergic to it or suffering from celiac disease.

home made almond milk

Almond milk is one of the tastiest plant milk. It is slightly sweet with nutty aroma. We find in it mostly calcium, in which almonds are very rich. It's about twice less calories than in cow's milk, however, is much poorer in protein. Due to light texture it is excellent as ingredient of beverages and also great as regular drink.

Coconut milk due to the coconut flavour match perfect for preparing beverages, desserts, soups, as well as dishes from Eastern cuisine. Homemade coconut milk can be prepared from both the grated coconut and water, and the mixed pulp and water from inside the fresh coconut. We can find in it quite a lot of iron, and some magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Because of the relatively high compared to other plant milk which contains fatty acid and a high calorific value is not recommended to overdose it.